Pouring Ribbons


I’m one who appreciates a proper mixology cocktail bar. And so, I’m a real fan of Pouring Ribbons in Alphabet City. 


Head up stairs and you enter into a room that almost transports you back to…well, a year you probably weren’t even born yet. This is not your average grab-a-spot-where-you-can bar. Seating is a must and capacity is set to seats just like a restaurant. Warmth and class are what drives this bar. 


I started with their Midnight Marauder (Vida Mezcal, Bonal, Cynar, Mole Bitters). Now, I was feeling a bit adventurous, and I was pleased with my decision, but I might not order this one again (just personal preference). It had a great smokiness to it, which I do like, but, a bit dry for my taste. In fairness, that was the description I was given, but I decided to go against what I usually order. Glad I tried it, but went for something else after this one.


This is the something else. It doesn’t exactly have a name, it was a hybrid of a couple cocktails and this is their love child. It was definitely lovely. Another great thing about mixologists, name the qualities of a drink you like, they’ve got the answer. 

The Shorts:
Name: Pouring Ribbons
Location: 225 Avenue B, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, this was my second time, so, I’m already ahead of myself.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. Go get yourself a classy cocktail. 


Pain d’Epices


Next stop of my 12 Best Bakeries In NYC Challenge from Gothamist’s list is Pain d’Epices in the Upper West Side. 


This quaint little bakery is cozy and welcoming with a variety of freshly made Viennoiseries and other French pastries, tarts, and breads. 


I got something sweet and something savory. I first chose their Cheddar Scone. Aside from it being the size of my face, it just sounded great. And, it was. It was buttery, herby, and had a subtle cheddar flavor, not overpowering the whole scone and making it overwhelming. The outside was perfectly crisp just around the edges and the inside was soft and buttery. 


Then, I went for their Moroccan Croissant, powdered sugar on the outside and a pastry cream with honey on the inside. The exterior was a bit crunchy, and then the inside is hollowed out from the pastry cream and honey inside after the baking, giving it a soft and light texture and sweet flavor on the inside. 

The Shorts:
Name: Pain d’Epices 
Location: 104 West 70th Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, they’re so friendly there and the treats are so tasty.
Would I recommend it? Yes, and be sure to look out for it, its a bit easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled for the tiny store front.