Hampton Chutney


Chutney. Good, right? Dosas and South Indian food. Also good, yes? Yes. Put them together and you have a delicious combination that can be found at Hampton Chutney in Amagansett in the Hamptons. 


What started off as just a chutney company, Hampton Chutney has since expanded to a full menu restaurant with its original location in the Hamptons, and two locations in NYC. The menu mainly focuses on their dosas and uttapams, but you can also find sandwiches, salads and a number of sides and beverages. 


I went for one their Grilled Portobello Mushroom Dosa (with Spinach and Balsamic Roasted Onions). You also choose a chutney of your choice, and I chose their Pumpkin. Both were a slam dunk. The dosa itself is thin, light, crisp along outsides and nice and soft around the filling. The portobellos are flavorful, plump, and go real nicely with the slight acidity of the balsamic onions and freshness of the spinach. But, the real star here was the chutney. It had a subtle sweetness and a really amazing spice and heat to it. Sweet and spicy, a winning combination. 

The Shorts:
Name: Hampton Chutney
Location: 6 Main Street, Amagansette, NY
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Definitely. I’ve had their food before from their SoHo location in NYC, but had to check out their O.G. location in the Hamptons. 
Would I recommend it? For sure, the food is affordable, delicious, and the chutneys are pretty bomb. 


Meeting House


This past weekend, I was in East Hampton for Memorial Day weekend. Luckily, in between some beach and activities, I was able to go out and get some good food. One stop I made was at Meeting House in Amagansett. This Contemporary American restaurant is casual, but definitely has a light, beachy chicness about it. 


To start off, I ordered their Spicy Margarita (chili infused tequila, agave, lime, ancho salt rim). I really liked this drink, it was refreshing, not too sweet, and had a slight hint of heat in the drink itself. Add on that kick by adding a little of the ancho salt from the rim of the glass into each sip.


For my entree, I ordered one of their specials, Local Tile Fish (asparagus, smoked carrot, pea green-farro salad, garlic sauce). This was great. The fish was perfectly cooked, light, tender, with great flavor. The farro was excellent too, it had a nice savory quality with that great chew that the grain has. 

The Shorts:
Name: Meeting House
Location: 4 Amagansett Square Drive, Amagansett, NY
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, it’s a really great place with a laid-back vibe and tasty food.
Would I recommend it? Yes. They don’t take reservations for smaller parties, so, keep that in mind or start with a drink at the bar while you wait.