Macaron Day Wrap-Up


Well, yesterday was Macaron Day in NYC…pretty magical, huh? It was. A number of participating bakeries and macaron shops were handing out free macarons, while supplies lasted. And no surprise, many of the stores started running out by early afternoon. But, I was able to make it to nine locations and scoop up some delicious macarons.

Here are The Shorts for each place I visited, in the order that I visited them. This is not the ranking order, each macaron has it’s own comments. 

image (11)

What I had: Hazelnut Orange
Name: Epicerie Boulud
Location: 1900 Broadway, NYC
Would I recommend it? Maybe. Great consistency to the macaron, the orange filling is very light and pleasant. However, I wasn’t able to get the hazelnut flavor, it tasted more like espresso, which was a little disappointing. 


What I had: Nutella
Name: Bouchon Bakery
Location: 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor, NYC
Would I recommend it? Definitely! This was a really good one, perfectly chewy and has a rich and luscious flavor and cream. It was almost like taking a bite out of a gooey brownie. 


What I had: Salted Caramel
Name: François Payard Bakery
Location: 1775 Broadway, NYC
Would I recommend it? Holy hell, yes. This was a really legit macaron. Excellent texture, and has the silkiest, richest, flavorful salted caramel center. This one was amazing. 


What I had: Coffee
Name: FP Patisserie
Location: 1 West 58th Street, NYC
Would I recommend it? For sure. This one was super delicious and has an incredible coffee flavor. It’s like sipping the most amazing, creamy latte, but, in cookie form. 


What I had: Peanut Butter and Jelly 
Name: Macaron Cafe
Location: 625 Madison Ave, NYC
Would I recommend it? Absolutely. This one was like biting into a legit PB&J sandwich. I almost felt like I was in kindergarden all over again…now I’m just looking for my mat for nap time and thinking about those weird little OJ cartons. Super delicious. 


What I had: Pistachio 
Name: MadMac 
Location: Pop-up location, can be found online here
Would I recommend it? Maybe. It was tasty, but maybe not at the top of my list. The rest of these are some strong competitors, and without a ton of remarkable pistachio flavor, it’s hard to keep up. 


What I had: Caramel 
Name: Eclair Bakery
Location: 305 East 53rd Street, NYC
Would I recommend it? Oh. My. Goodness. Yes. This one was so decadent, rich, has a warm caramel flavor, and creamy. It was almost like a dulce de leche cake. Yum. 


What I had: S’Mores
Name: Macaron Parlour
Location: 111 St. Marks Place, NYC
Would I recommend it? Yes. This one was unique, but also not one of my top pics. The consistency and texture of this one was a little on the firmer side. Personally, I love a chewier macaron. I definitely got the s’mores flavor of graham, chocolate and marshmallow, but it didn’t bowl me over. 


What I had: Blood Orange
Name: François Payard Bakery
Location: 116 W Houston Street, NYC
Would I recommend it? Whoa. Yeah. This was a very pleasant surprise. I’m not usually one for fruity flavored baked goods, but, since this was the second location of this bakery that I visited, I figured, no loss. In fact, this was a huge gain. The blood orange flavor is so pleasant and delicate, and you get a little vanilla in there as well. This was really a treat. 

Empire Cake


Next stop on my 12 Best Bakeries In NYC Challenge from Gothamist’s list is Empire Cake in Chelsea. 


They’re making everything fresh, daily, using local ingredients, fresh local produce, and premium ingredients. Along with a whole display dedicated to just cupcakes, Empire Cake is also serving cookies, bars, a sophisticated spin on snowballs, swiss rolls and snack cakes. 


I went for their Passion Fruit Snack Cake (yellow cake with passion fruit curd filling, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut). This was a real treat. The white chocolate coating has a rich softness to it, not too sweet, with the added texture and sweetness of the coconut flakes. Then, you have the center cake with a delicate vanilla like flavor. And just when you think it’s over, you get the fruity tartness of the passion fruit curd. 


Such a sophisticated little snack cake. 

The Shorts:
Name: Empire Cake
Location: 112 8th Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? In the illustrious words of the Kool Aid Man, Oh yeah.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. And, in case you have a birthday or occasion coming up, I’d think they’d be the ones to call for a cake.