Liddabit Sweets

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My October Brooklyn Candy Challenge continues at Liddabit Sweets. Now, I was a little overwhelmed with the various types of sweets they offer, and deciding what to pick. Their collection ranges from lollipops, to candy bars, to popcorn. So, I had to ask what I should try. Caramel? Done. 

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I was told one of the most popular is the Beer and Pretzel Caramel. At Liddabit, they’re using as many local and seasonal ingredients as they can. So, in these you’ll find Brooklyn Brewery’s beer and Martin’s pretzels. 

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Ho.Ly.Damn. This little sucker was incredible and packed with flavor! Creamy and smooth, without any of the tackiness of other common caramels, it melts in your mouth. The caramel itself is subtly sweet, maybe cut by the beer (although I really didn’t get much of the beer flavor). Then, you get these little nuggets of the salty, crunchy pretzel. 

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It’s the age old, award winning combination of salty and sweet. Liddabit, you knocked it out of the park. Oh, and did I mention they have a cookbook out? The holiday season is around the corner…anyone is welcome to send me a copy. 

The Shorts:
Name: Liddabit Sweets
Location: 425 W 15th St., NYC or available online
The Long and Short: Would I buy it again? Hell yes! In fact, I’ll need to go back to try some other flavors and their other products.
Would I recommend it? Did you not just hear how excited I was about this? YES. 

Salty Road

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Think of the best salt water taffy you’ve had. Now, forget about it…because you obviously haven’t had one from Salty Road, another company on my October Brooklyn Candy list.

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I think the goal of each new company making something that already exists, is to make it better than other products out there. Salty Road, well done. Starting off by hand-pulling the taffy out of an apartment, they’ve definitely perfected it. There are a number of unique flavors, and I chose Salty Carmel Apple.

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Let’s start with the texture. I would say similar to most taffies, but, a bit smoother and creamier. Now, let’s talk about taste. Oh. Sweet. Jesus. This little taffy is packed with flavor, I thought I was eating a miniature apple pie, no joke. Rich in flavor, you get hit with apple and cinnamon, and then discover little tiny bursts of saltiness. The apple, cinnamon, salt…yup, apple pie.

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The biggest problem, it’s hard to stop after just one.

The Shorts:
Name: Salty Road
Location: Retailers nationwide and online
Long and Short: Would I buy it again? Definitely, I need to try the other flavors.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely.