10Below Ice Cream


Summer’s in full effect, it’s hot as hell, and the best cure is ice cream. Fact. I have a couple personal favorites, but always up for trying the newest thing on the scene. So when 10Below opened up in Chinatown last week, I had to be one of the first to check it out. 


It was especially hot out, and there was a healthy line. Since everything is made to order, and each order is pretty involved, it takes a bit longer than your average scoop spot. They’re the first to bring Thai-inspired ice cream rolls to NYC, using an advanced cold plate that reaches temperatures well below -10°F (hence, the name). Luckily, they had an angel, in the form of a young water-pourer, to hydrate the people in line.


I finally made it downstairs into the shop, hip-hop music bumping and the guys behind the counter enthusiastically singing along to every song, making it a fun environment. Many of the menu items are also named with hip-hop references and influences. Because, you gotta have a good beat when you’re mashing up all those ingredients, and smoothing them out, to roll up into, well, ice-cream-roll-ups? 


I ordered the Peanut Butter and Jealous (Peanut Butter, Fig Jelly, Captain Crunch, and Condensed Milk), and added Bananas as a topping. This was a real delight. The ice cream itself looks cool, but, it also tastes great too. It’s rich and creamy, no ice chip appearances here. Flavor wise, it had a nice, light, hint of all of the flavors. I got the peanut butter more than the fig jelly, which, I would have loved, but, it was still really delicious, and the cereal and condensed milk added a great touch. 

The Shorts:
Name: 10Below Ice Cream
Location: 10 Mott Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes. A couple of the other flavors really stood out to me, so, I gotta try them out. Next time, hopefully without the long line. 
Would I recommend it? Go get your (ice cream) roll on, it’s worth it. 




I was down in Florida visiting for Mother’s Day (yup, I’m a nice daughter), and while my time was limited, my parents are always ok to tag along with me for some food stops. I also need to mention that it was in the mid 90’s, so it was 100% ice cream weather. So, I stopped by one of my childhood favorites, Briarpatch in Winter Park. 


They’ve been operating for over 30 years, serving contemporary American fare and homemade ice creams with local, fresh ingredients. I’ve dined for brunch before, and the food is very good, but most times, I’m there for the ice cream.


I ordered Bourbon Corn Flake. Their ice cream is really creamy and rich, but not very thick, more of a silky texture. It has a very light bourbon flavor, but just enough to give you the idea. There are also tiny little pieces of the corn flakes mixed in, but more of an added light flavor to the ice cream, almost like cereal milk. There were chunks of, what I think were, cookie pieces, potentially Snickerdoodle? I can’t be for certain, and probably should have asked, but was too excited to just eat my ice cream. Either way, it was delicious. 

The Shorts:
Name: Briarpatch
Location: 252 Park Avenue North, Winter Park, FL
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Well, I’ve been going for many years now, so, I think the answer is yes.
Would I recommend it? For sure. They have some very classic flavors, and then some more out of the box to choose from. Some are rotating, so, I can’t guarantee you can get them in the future, but there was also a Churro flavor ice cream that was a top contender for my choice.