Recently, I was able to have a mini visit at the Fancy Food Show in NYC. I say mini visit, because the show lasted 3 days, but, with my work schedule, I was only able to make the last 45 minutes. Yeah, not even close to enough time. This show was like walking into Disney’s Epcot. Full of sections divided by country, showcasing cheeses, oils, chocolates, you name it, they probably had it. But, I wasn’t even able to scratch the surface. Don’t cry for me, Argentina (which was probably a country represented at the show), I was able to make it to the “5000’s”, a section that featured a lot of smaller businesses, including a couple food friends of mine. Some of the companies that I got to see, were kind enough to gift some of their product. One of them was Barnana.


Their product is centered around one simple ingredient, dehydrated organic bananas, making chewy banana bites. No crazy additives, no fancy frills, just real, delicious banana. But, even if you’re not the biggest pure-banana kind of person, they have other varieties, which add a little pizzaz. I got their Organic Peanut Butter Chewy Banana Bites. These were so great, and you feel like you’re eating candy, but, without any of the guilt and junk food. The peanut butter is smooth and creamy, and wrapped around the chewy little banana bite, creating a snack that Elvis would have been sure to love (RIP). 

The Shorts:
Name: Barnana 
Location: Retail locations all over
The Long and Short: Would I recommend it? For sure. It’s a quality, simple product, with lots of flavor and none of the bad stuff. Basically, you get all the benefits of eating healthy, with the fun of eating candy.