Hot Bread Kitchen


Lots of times at bread and bakery shops, each specializes and houses a particular style or type, whether it be Parisian, or Eastern European. But, At Hot Bread Kitchen in East Harlem, you can choose from an array of multi-ethnic breads. 


Located in La Marqueta, they produce all of their breads on-site, from loaves of bread, to tortillas to lavash. Everything looked great, but I decided to try a couple of things. 


First, I went for their Pecan Raisin Roll. The bread itself has a nice crust on the outside, and a softer texture in the center, with almost a bit of that bite sourdough bread has. Then, you get the sweetness of the baked in raisins and pecans, adding a nice texture as well. 


Then, I went for an old familiar item, the Bialy. My family grew up on the Lower East Side in NYC, so, visiting as a kid, we’d always stop by one of the local Jewish bakeries and pick up some fresh Bialys. Since then, they’ve become more sparse, and not as common to see or find. So, this was a nice little surprise, and had to pick one up. Theirs is light, with a nice chew to the bread, and then you have the tiny caramelized onion and poppyseed combination in the center, making it an authentic Bialy. 

The Shorts:
Name: Hot Bread Kitchen
Location: 1590 Park Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, they have a cute little cafe there as well, so you can grab a coffee and baked good, or, take it to go.
Would I recommend it? Yes, there is a nice variety, something for everyone. And, if you can’t make it to the shop, you can find them at a number of other locations

Dough Loco

image (48)

First stop on my 7 Best Doughnuts In NYC Challenge is Dough Loco. Located on the cusp of the Upper East Side and East Harlem, you can smell the intoxicating scent of doughnuts pouring out.

image (49)

Inside is a simple store with scatterings of the signature cartoon caricatures, selling unique doughnuts and Blue Bottle coffee. These doughnuts are not for the faint of heart, measuring to about the same size of a softball. Luckily, I’m not scared. I chose a couple, the Maple Miso and Pumpkin Cherry.

image (50)

Ok, so, I’ll keep it honest. I thought the doughnuts themselves were too thick and dense. A yeast doughnut by itself doesn’t necessarily have a ton of flavor to it, but, when it’s lighter and airy, and with the right coating or glaze, it’s delicious. Here, there was just far too much dough. The glazes are more of the star of the production. 

image (51)

The glaze was very sweet, but, since the dough was without much flavor, it was necessary. The Pumpkin Cherry really exuded the flavors nicely. You first get the pumpkin flavoring and then when you incorporate the red icing drizzles, the cherry comes through. And not that candy-like cherry, the real deal.

image (52)

The Maple Miso glaze was really good as well, with a sweet maple flavor, speckled with little candied bits. 

The Shorts:
Name: Dough Loco
Location: 1261 Park Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? I’m all about second chances, but, they would have to reduce the size of the doughnut first, and I’m not sure that’s in their plans.
Would I recommend it? As much as I love doughnuts, it wasn’t my top pick.