Vegan food. People either cringe at the thought, or, they love it because they feel like they’re eating healthy (Debbie Downer moment, but, just eating “vegan” doesn’t mean it’s healthy, you need to watch out for “fake” ingredients. Just because it’s free of dairy, meat, and animal byproducts, doesn’t mean it’s not full of ingredients that you can’t pronounce and has lots of chemical additives. Ok, sorry, PSA over now). Anyway, I’m not vegan, but I do primarily have a veggie diet, so, I’m always game to check out a new vegan restaurant, especially one gaining lots of popularity for their veggie burger. So, I had to check out by CHLOE. in Greenwich Village. 


First off, the branding and look of this place is super cool. Good job, guys. It’s basically quick-serve, with first-come-first-serve seating, which means, good luck finding a seat during peak hours. They also have a small outdoor patio, which is lovely, but, seats there get scooped up very quickly too. If you go at a busier time (early evening was jumping when I went), I recommend ordering your food to-go, that way, if something opens up, take a seat. If not, you end up like me and my dining buddy and sit on the stoop next to the restaurant. Which, luckily, has no affect on the taste of the food. It also helped me to avoid looking like one of the girls inside the restaurant waiting for a table (ie, awkwardly hovering over other diners holding her tray of food…I wonder if her arms gave out at any point, since, she was probably waiting for a while). I ordered The Guac Burger and a side of Air Baked Sweet Potato French Fries.


Let’s start with the Air Baked Sweet Potato French Fries (you actually get a choice of original or sweet potato). What I loved was the fact that they weren’t full of grease, and you really tasted the sweet potato. What I didn’t love, was, because they’re air baked, and not fried, you don’t get that nice crunch on the outside, and they kind of stay limp if you don’t eat them right away. But, what completely saves the entire situation is this miracle known as Beet Ketchup. Sweet baby Jesus, it’s amazing. So, here’s the thing though, if I tried this with a blind fold, and wasn’t told what it was, I would have said it was pureed onion ring sauce. I know that sounds strange, but it tastes like a sauce made out of onion rings. As confusing as that might be, it’s delicious. Don’t ask questions or overthink it, just dunk your fries in it, bathe in it, and be happy. 


Then, there’s the The Guac Burger (black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty, corn salsa, onion, guac, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli, whole grain bun). Again, I’ve had my fair share of veggie burgers, so, I can be sort of a tough one. However, this was a great veggie burger, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of the patties that are firmer and, no offense, rubbery in texture (I prefer a softer, cakier (not a word) consistency), but this patty had excellent flavor, and was accompanied by such wonderful ingredients and toppings, that it really was delicious. The bun was something that I especially enjoyed. A lot of times, quick-serve places that serve a veggie burger will just slap on a store bought, soft bun. I’m not a complete food snob, so, I generally have no problem with that. But, it makes the biggest difference when you have a hearty, delicious bun to hold in all the ingredients. The level of complexity that’s actually in this burger is really impressive, in terms of flavors and textures, which, I really appreciated and loved. And, if you’re ready to make the best decision of your day with this burger, add the Beet Ketchup to it. Game over. 

The Shorts:
Name: by CHLOE.
Location: 185 Bleecker Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. I really enjoyed this veggie burger, especially that sauce, holy shit. And for quality, fresh food, it’s really affordably priced too. 
Would I recommend it? Yes, vegans and non vegans can really enjoy the food. They also make their sweets in house, daily, so, I’d like to check those out next time I go. 




Mexican food! If you’ve read my posts in the past, you already know what a healthy obsession I have with the cuisine. So, when I heard about a new place opening in Greenwich Village, I had to visit Horchata. 


Right off the bat, I was so drawn to the decor and aesthetic. Exposed brick, vibrant colors, wooden tables, strung lights, and little cactus plants on every table. Lots of great detail was taken into account when picking out each element, and it totally works. 


For a drink, I ordered the Jalapeño / Cucumber Margarita (tequila blanco, triple sec, cucumber, jalapeño, lime, agave). I really liked this drink. It was refreshing, a little sweet, with a nice crisp cucumber flavor, all wrapped up in the heat from the jalapeños. 


Most things on the menu are all meant for sharing, however, you could absolutely order a couple things just for yourself as a meal instead. We started with their Trio de Guacamoles (guacamole clásico, guacamole verde, and guacamole rojo served with tostadas). This is a great starter, and the guacs are each delicious in their own way. You have the classic, fresh, with great thick pieces of avocado. But, I really enjoyed the other two, which were really unique. The verde (avocado, tomatillo, apple, cucumber) is a great one for summer time, it has a subtle sweetness from the apple, and all the green ingredients blend together really nicely. The rojo (avocado, roasted tomato, chipotle, habanero chili kick) is awesome too, I really like some heat to my food, so, I was a fan of this one for sure. 


Next, we got the Ensalada de la Casa (kale, quinoa, avocado, mango, cilantro vinaigrette). This was nice, but the kale had a really interesting quality and taste to it, almost a char flavor. Not totally sure if that was the intent for the dish, but was anticipating more of a raw kale salad here. The other components were really great thought, I love a nice mango and avocado combination. 


Then, we had one of their ceviches, Tiradito de Salmón (salmon, watermelon, ancho chile, toasted sesame seeds). I really enjoyed this one, it reminded me of poke. The watermelon was definitely a great, refreshing, addition, adding a touch of sweetness. 


My favorite thing we got was probably their Brussels Sprouts Tacos (spiced pumpkin seeds, roasted poblano chile, cotija cheese, crema fresca). These a generously filled with shredded brussels sprouts and all of its accouterment. There’s a nice light crunch component from the pumpkin seeds (I love pumpkin seeds), and then a rich creaminess from the cheese and creme fraiche. Also clutch, were the corn tortillas. They were warm and soft, yet substantial and strong enough to hold the hefty ingredients without breaking.

The Shorts:
Name: Horchata
Location: 470 Sixth Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. This place is super cool inside with a really nice bar setup, if you prefer to just grab tasty drinks and snacks up there. 
Would I recommend it?  Yes. Great decor, delicious food, and awesome service. Trifecta.