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While I was in Montreal, the best meal I had was, hands down, at Mezcla in The Village. This Nuevo Latino restaurant hit every mark. Upon entering, the restaurant had a warm and inviting ambiance, long, wooden tables and dim lighting. Not to mention, the service was impeccable the entire time.  

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Don’t expect fancy cocktails at this spot. Instead, take a look at the wine list, with plenty of wonderful Spanish wine options. For my meal, I chose two dishes. First, I went with the Ceviche Mixto, which is altered daily depending on the fresh catches of the day. I was served halibut, octopus and salmon. This dish was incredible. The pieces of fish were generous in size, plump, with perfect texture. It was served in a broth, loaded with flavorful hints of lime and a really nice spicy kick. I also loved the fact that the bowl was completely chilled. 

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To accompany the dish, there was a presentation of fried yuca chips, crunchy flash fried corn kernels and crispy sweet potato shreds. The idea is to add to the dish to create texture, but I chose to each the fish first and add all the crisp sides into the broth afterward to eat like a soup. I was pretty pleased with my decision. 

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Next, I had Cazuelita de Pulpo, an octopus dish. This was one of the most unique and delicious variations of octopus I’ve ever had. Served in a skillet, the octopus was generously glazed in a panca and maple sauce. The texture was tender, and took on almost a thick cut bacon or ham like quality (and taste too, actually). Incorporated in the dish were little dollops of, what I would describe as pesto and cashew puree, which were delicious. This was perfect to dip with the garnish of yuca chips on the top of the dish.

The Shorts:
Name: Mezcla
Location: 1251 Rue de Champlain, Montreal
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Without a doubt. In fact, I wish this restaurant existed where I live so I could go back sooner!
Would I recommend it? You shouldn’t even need to ask.