Melt Bakery


Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, a pretty glorious holiday. And Hester Street Fair (a seasonal designer/crafts/food fair on Saturdays and Sundays) celebrated with an ice cream social. There were some pretty solid contenders, but a little, magical, ice cream sandwich from Melt Bakery caught my attention. 


Now, this local and sustainable ice cream sandwich company, has their own store front on the Lower East Side where they’re making the cookies and ice cream fresh on site. I had their Thick Mint (Crackly Chocolate Cookies and Peppermint Ice Cream). This ice cream sandwich makes a frozen Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie look like a poor man’s treat. The chocolate cookie has just the perfect amount of chew, with a great chocolate flavor and crunch from the large sugar granules confecting the top. The ice cream is cool and refreshing (obviously it’s cold, but cool from the peppermint flavor), and creamy, without being overly rich. 

The Shorts:
Name: Melt Bakery
Location: 132 Orchard Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. Since I haven’t actually been to the store itself, I’ll need to go. But, they also vend at the fair and the High Line.
Would I recommend it? Frozen York’s and Thin Mints are for chumps after you’ve had the Thick Mint. But, if that’s not your flavor, they also have a handful of others that sound amazing too. 




This past weekend, I had brunch at Cookshop in Chelsea. With summer weather here, whether you sit outside at their outdoor patio, or inside in the airy, open, modern dining room, your experience will all pretty much be the same. Amazing. Their American cuisine is focused on humanely raised animals, support of local farmers and artisans, and seasonal availability of foods. 


To start, I had their Grapefruit Brûlée (ruby red grapefruit, brown sugar, creme fraiche, mint). So, yeah, you gotta get this if you’re there for brunch. It’s the perfect, light starter, or, makes for a great, healthier dessert. The tartness of the grapefruit is cut from the crisp brown sugar and the whipped, creaminess of the slightly sweet creme fraiche. Everything goes so well together, and leaves you wanting some more. 


For my entree, I ordered the  Frittata (roasted oyster mushrooms, stracciatella, basil-walnut pesto). This was another amazing dish. Served with a little bed of perfectly dressed mixed greens atop the eggs, this frittata was a slam dunk. The roasted oyster mushrooms were the star of the dish for me, tender and flavorful, and, when combined with the other components, each flavor and texture enhances the next. The stracciatella cheese marries the mushroom and the herby and nutty pesto so nicely, it’s a bit of a sad moment when it’s all gone. 

The Shorts: 
Name: Cookshop
Location: 156 Tenth Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Without a doubt. The food was incredible and the service was outstanding. 
Would I recommend it? I recommend it like dentists recommend brushing your teeth. And, the location is great too, right across the street from the High Line. So, have a fantastic meal, then take a walk along the High Line and enjoy what the view of the west side has to offer.