Panther Coffee


Coffee. Fuel. Life. I need it, and was on the search for a really great cup while I was in Miami. So, I headed over Panther Coffee In Sunset Harbor. 


This locally based coffee shop specializes in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans, and preparing finely crafted beverages. I ordered a Cappuccino, which was just what I needed. Nice flavor, and a beautiful little heart in the foamed milk. 


They also have an amazing looking selection of cookies, so, I obviously had to get one. I went for their S’Mores Cookie, because, duh. It’s about the size of a small child’s face, and super delicious (the cookie, not a child’s face). It has a nice, slight crispness on out outside, and a soft, chewy center, riddled with chocolate chunks, graham and tiny bits of caramelized marshmallow. 


I got creative with it and made a S’Mores S’Mores Cookie with some Birthday Party Squish Marshmallows. It was off the charts. 

The Shorts:
Name: Panther Coffee
Location: 1875 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure, the space is open, bright, and you can tell they take a lot of pride in making each coffee.
Would I recommend it? Yes, a great spot to grab a cup, and definitely when it’s accompanied by a giant cookie. 


Frittering Away


Through vending my Squish Marshmallows, I get to meet some amazing vendors. One worth checking out is Frittering Away. They’re making small batch, delicious beverages here in NYC. Offering their signature Strawberry Basil Lemonade year round, they also have seasonal flavors, including some hot ciders (above photo with a Where’s Squish edition, find the little Gingerbread squish). 


I had their Chai Pear Cider. This was incredible, and the perfect drink in the cold winter. You get the tart crispness of pear, and a really nice hit of spice from the chai, bringing a great combo that’s a little sweet and spicy, guaranteed to warm you up. 


And then, I had to pop in a Gingerbread marshmallow to soak up all that Chai Pear Cider goodness. 

The Shorts:
Name: Frittering Away
Location: You can find out what seasonal markets they’ll be at here
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, they have really nice, classic and original flavors, appealing to all pallets. 
Would I recommend it? For sure, they’re fresh and delicious and totally refreshing.