Black Seed Bagels


New York. Bagels. Right? Sure, the city is famous for them, and there are a bunch of heavy hitters and, well, not so heavy hitters…does that make them light tappers? While NY is well known for their bagels, so is our poutine-eating neighbor, Montreal. When the two come together, you get a hybrid of NY and Montreal style bagels at Black Seed in NoLIta. 


These medium sized bagels are made with yeast-raised dough. They’re then hand-rolled, boiled in honey water, and baked in a wood-burning oven. They have a handful of types to choose from, but you can gussy them up with the array of fancy spreads and smoked fish they have available. 


I’ve heard a lot about this NY vs Montreal bagel thing, and, regrettably, while I was in Montreal, I never got to try them. So, even though there are lots of spreads and salads to choose from, I wanted to see what an au-natural Montreal bagel is like. I tried their Everything Bagel. I’m a fan. It’s served warm and toasted, not too dense, not too light. It has a nice light crispness on the outside and a soft chew to the center. The flavor is really great too, and the “everything” seeds really enhance it all. 

The Shorts:
Name: Black Seed Bagels
Location: 170 Elizabeth Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, and next time I’m pimping out my bagel and going for some fancy spreads.
Would I recommend it? For sure, these are great for pretty much any meal, or, win over your crowd with some brunch or office bagels from these guys. 


Restaurant L’Avenue

image (9)

If you’re going to do brunch in Montreal, you should go to L’Avenue located in Plateau Mont-Royal. Now, there will be a line outside, and you’ll have to deal with it…but, you probably won’t wait more than 20 minutes or so. Inside, the wall is covered in fun graffiti and a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling (don’t worry, it won’t fall if you’re sitting under it…hopefully). The music also makes the environment, the playlists are fun, with good energy. 

1240163_10102373007246302_411609815_n 2

If you’re an Eggs Benedict fan, this is the place for you, they have a wide variety of Benedicts to choose from. I figured they knew how to make a great crepe too, so, I went for the Whole Wheat Crepe with cinnamon baked apples and cottage cheese. Each dish is also served with their signature fresh fruit skewers. The crepe was delicious, light and had lots of flavor. The skewers are the perfect accompaniment as well, fresh and perfectly portioned. 

image (10)

And of course, real Maple Syrup.

1456730_10102510116074112_1044198055_n 2

Oh, and whether you need to use the bathroom or not, you have to go inside (yes, it’s black lit). Best party bathroom. Ever.

The Shorts:
Name: Restaurant L’Avenue 
Location: 922 Mt Royal Ave E, Montreal
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. Good food, good tunes, good ambiance.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. Brunch it up!