Gasoline Alley


Fueling up can definitely come by way of coffee. To charge up, you can head to Gasoline Alley in NoHo. 


The name actually came from the shop’s location back in the 60’s and 70’s. The area was concentrated with mechanic and service stations, known as “gasoline alley”. Now, they’re serving Intelligentsia coffee and pastries in a relaxed little shop.


Got my boost with an Americano. The espresso is rich, flavorful and smooth. 

The Shorts:
Name: Gasoline Alley
Location: 325 Lafayette Street
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, good coffee and good attitudes here. 
Would I recommend it? Yes. And, the cups and lids are compostable (yay, environment!). 

The Smile


Tucked away, down some stairs on quiet Bond Street in NoHo, you’ll find the warm and cozy restaurant, The Smile. 


The environment is relaxed and inviting, where you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are there for a great meal and good service. Melia Marden, executive chef, also has a cookbook available, which you can conveniently buy at the restaurant itself.


I started off with a cocktail, Smoke On The Water (tequila, ginger, lemon, agave, mezcal float). This drink was amazing. It was absolutely smokey, in the best possible sense, and had a really refreshing and light sweetness to go along with it. It was pretty much like drinking a mezcal and citrus bonfire. 


Then, I had some snacks to go along with my delightful beverage. First, I had their Trio of Dips (roasted carrot, almond, yellow split pea) served with sliced French Baguette. I honestly wish they sold these to-go in mason jars, they were so good. My personal favorite was the roasted carrot, it has a great creamy, yet thick texture, sweet and a little savory. The almond and yellow split pea, which could be a dead ringer for hummus, are really delicious as well. 


Next, I got the Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad (currants, pickled red onion, parmesan, citrus vinaigrette). I really loved this salad. First off, I’m obsessed with brussels sprouts, so, there’s that, but everything here just went together so nicely. You have the crunch from the raw brussels, and the savory saltiness of the parmesan, the slight bite from the picked onion, and the sweetness from the currents and dressing. A true festival of components. 

The Shorts:
Name: The Smile
Location: 26 Bond Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? You bet. This place really did make me smile (awwww). 
Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Turn that frown upside down.