DK’s Donuts


It’s a fact, one of my most favorite desserts is a delicious donut (or doughnut). So, it’s kind of a thing for me to at least check out one spot that’s really doing a great job at churning out some tasty fried dough (again, not sure why we can’t just settle on “doughnuts”…they’re made out of dough, not do, right?) So, I visited DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica.


This family owned shop has been open for over thirty years, so, they have to be doing something right. And yes, they certainly are. From the outside, you might not think too much, it’s in a small strip-mallish type center, looks like a little bodega (for my NYC folk), nothing fancy. But inside, there are bakery cases full of sweet treasures. Oh, and they’re open 24-hours, and deliver! Why the hell don’t we have a 24-hour donut/doughnut shop in NYC (I see you, Donut Pub) that ALSO delivers? Well, LA does. They have an array of different types of donuts and baked goods, including their O-Nuts, their take on the Cronut. Now, since I haven’t had Dominique Ansel’s creation yet (I know, I know, it’s been around for like 20 years at this point), I didn’t want to start with this one (no offense, DK’s). But, I had a ton of other options to go for.


First, I got their Peanut Butter Puff Donut (yeast donut, chocolate glaze, chocolate chips, peanut butter). So, this thing was the size of my entire hand (note: my hands are probably smaller than average, but, still, it’s an adult hand, so, the point is, it was a big donut). And, it was delicious. The donut was light and airy, and coated with the chocolate glaze, which was not overly sweet, giving this a really nice combination.


Then, in the center, you have the peanut butter. And not like, a peanut buttery frosting or filling, actual, straight up, peanut butter. I could see how that might go either way for a person, love or not love, but I really enjoyed it. It’s thick and dense, and everything that peanut butter is, but when it’s combined with the light dough and the chocolate glaze, it’s a home run for me. 


Then, I got The Original Ube Purple Yam Donut with Pistachios. This was totally unique to me, and I’m so glad I got it. It’s a cake donut, so it has a bit more heft to it, which I love, and glazed with a purple icing, topped with the pistachios. You don’t get a strong taste from the ube, but you do have the bright purple color, which makes it special. It’s a bit crisp on the outer edges, but perfectly cakey and (I hate this word but have to use it) moist on the inside. Basically, it’s super delicious and I’d eat this all the time.

The Shorts:
Name: DK’s Donuts
Location: 1614 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Hell yes. The donuts are delicious, the service is friendly, and the goods are really inexpensive ranging from 99 cents to around $2.50 an item. 
Would I recommend it? For sure, they’re definitely worth checking out. Side note, I voluntarily walked about 1.5 miles there and back (3 miles) to get these. It was well worth it. 


The Eddy


You can live in NYC forever and ever, and you will still not be able to dine at every restaurant here. There are some that are long standing staples, some close within a year, but, there are always new ones opening to go to. New kid on the block, The Eddy, just opened in the East Village, so I had to check it out. The intimate restaurant houses just a couple handfuls of tables, creating a cozy environment. Their bar has a bit of its own space with a couple high-top tables, in addition to bar seating, so, you can come in for a casual drink and snack, or, dine in the adjoining room.


To drink, I ordered the Parlor Friar (Vida Mezcal, Strawberry Red Bell Pepper Shrub, Pamplemousse, Lemon, Egg White). Aside from the super fancy design presentation, the drink underneath was just as delightful. This was a actually a very light, refreshing, summery drink with a nice sweetness and subtle citrusy flavor.


Next, I ordered their Raw Asparagus Salad (Bonito Vinaigrette, Cashew, Tarragon). I really liked this. The asparagus is fresh and crisp, lightly tossed in the vinaigrette, giving it a delicate creaminess. Great flavor, and then you have the added crunch of the cashew pieces, adding a touch of nuttiness and sweetness.


Then, I had Oil Poached Salmon (Herb Creme, Artichokes, Saffron). This was really delicious. It’s a smaller portion, served as a small plate, but, has big flavor. The salmon is perfectly poached, leaving it plump, tender, and cooked to a medium rare. The herb creme is really nice too, complimenting the fish and adding a creamy, earthy, herby flavor. 

The Shorts: Name: The Eddy Location: 342 East 6th Street, NYC The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, the food and drinks are delicious, and the low-key, intimate atmosphere really put you at ease.  Would I recommend it? For sure, it’s a nice, classy joint that’s sure to be a great neighborhood gem.