Jolly Rancher, what? Yeah, exactly. As part of my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge, from Brooklyn Magazine, I was introduced to BrooklynHardCandy. 

image (1)

With two Le Cordon Bleu grads, you can understand where the attention to craftsmanship and flavor come from. They use old school techniques with their unique formulas to create these nostalgic hard candies. At over a dozen flavors, it made it a little challenging to decide, but, I went for Concord Grape

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The flavor is light and clean, not over sugary, and forget about any of that sticky, gumminess that most hard candies have. And, all of their packaging is sustainable and recycled. Happy taste buds, happy environment. 

The Shorts:
Name: BrooklynHardCandy
Location: Retailers in NYC/BK and nationwide/online
Long and Short: Would I buy it again? At $8 a container, I’m not ready for a shopping spree, but, it will last me a little while. And, eating one of these candies is more of a treat than the run-of-the-mill bag of hard candies at the drug store.
Would I recommend it? Yes, a little fruit candy can certainly brighten up your day.