Before I was in San Diego, I did some searching through Instagram and I saw this image of these hanging meringues, that looked like stunning ornaments. After clicking through to see what they actually were, I found that they belonged to a new dessert spot called iDessert in Little Italy.


Now, I was plenty excited about the meringues, but, it turns out, the meringues, or “Crusts”, are mainly the vessel to create your own dessert concoction. You create your dessert by iPad, choosing a number of flavors and combinations that go in the order of: Crust, Gelato, Cake, Cream/Sauce/Fruit. It’s an extremely visual and fun sounding/looking dessert. So, I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get the whole shebang, but, I just wrapped up a farmer’s market, sampling lots of goods, and then a full lunch, so, my stomach just couldn’t do the full experience (since, you need to eat it upon creation, since, you know, it’s perishable and meltable). However, I wasn’t walking out empty handed.


I ordered one of their Crusts/Meringues, and got the Oreo. Visually, it’s so unique and fun. One way, it looks like a little dome, and flip it upside down and you have a little cup for snacks, candy, a scoop of ice cream at home, I mean, lots of possibilities. For me, I just ate it au natural. The meringue itself is crisp, but melts in your mouth. This flavor was delicately chocolate flavored, topped with crumbled Oreo cookies and drizzled with an icing of sorts. It makes for a great little light, sweet treat, without leaving you full. I mean, unless you get the full dessert, which, could be a different story. 

The Shorts:
Name: iDessert
Location: 1608 India Street, San Diego
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, and next time I’ll 100% get the full dessert, even if I’m stuffed to the max.
Would I recommend it? For sure. It’s a very cool experience, where you can create your own unique dessert with lots of different components and textures. The customer service was great and the staff was very friendly, and can walk you through all the steps, since it can be a little overwhelming at first. 


Zaro’s Bakery


I recently saw this Thrillist article for “The 10 Things You Didn’t Know” about the Black and White Cookie. First being, it’s not actually a cookie, it’s a “drop cake”. Mind. Blown. Then it got me thinking, “man, I haven’t had a Black and White Cookie Drop Cake in a while”. So, I headed to Zaro’s Bakery, famous for their B&Ws and also a part of my Grand Central Tour.


For decades, Zaro’s has been making baked goods like cookies, pastries, and of course, their famous Black and Whites. Now with a number of NYC locations, people can get their fix in just about any part of town.


And so, I tried one of their Black and White Cookies for the first time (how disappointed would you be if that’s not even what I got?). I feel like, similar to an Oreo or Reese’s, people have their own way of eating this cookie. For me, I split it in half, and eat the chocolate side first, then the vanilla. Any way you eat it, it’s delicious. It’s sweet and cakey, the chocolate is rich and creamy, and the vanilla is sugary sweet and slightly crunchy like glaze. 

The Shorts:
Name: Zaro’s Bakery
Location: Main Concourse, Grand Central Terminal, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? The answer’s black and white (ba-doom-chi!), yes. 
Would I recommend it? For sure, and if B&Ws aren’t your thing, they have plenty of other baked goods to choose from.