City Kitchen


Whether it’s a continuing trend, or just the new normal, food halls are still sprouting up in NYC. I’ve visited Gotham West Market, Hudson Eats, and Gansevoort Market, all food halls housing some great food and beverage options. The newest to join the list, opened just a few days ago in Times Square. Now, I really dislike being in Times Square. Sure, if you’re a tourist, the idea of Times Square is probably spectacular…Broadway shows, all the lights, live network TV tapings you can squeeze yourself into. But, as a New Yorker, walking through tons of people parked in the middle of the side walk with a map out, and passing 3 Elmo characters (one with his head off, getting some air), you’ve got to give me a good reason to take a trip over there. Well, with some names like Dough, Luke’s, and ilili Box, I was down to check out City Kitchen in Times Square. 

The space is open, simple, and clean, lined with white tile. There’s seating in the middle, and wrap around counter seating, looking out toward 8th Avenue. While this food hall is smaller than some others, it has just enough to cover all bases, and not overwhelming to the customer. Below are all of the vendors, in no particular order:


Azuki is a Japanese Sushi restaurant.


ilili Box is inspired Mediterranean takeaway.


Dough makes scratch made delicious doughnuts. 


Gabriela’s Taqueria serves authentic Mexican food.


Kuro-Obi is the ramen concept of well know ramen restaurant, Ippudo.


Luke’s has fresh Maine lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. 


Whitman’s serves burgers with seasonal and local ingredients. 


Wooly’s Shaved Snow has shaved snow with choices of toppings. 


Sigmund’s Pretzels has different flavors of soft pretzels. 

The Shorts:
Name: City Kitchen
Location: 700 8th Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? If we take Times Square out of the equation, then yes. All the food concepts inside, and the aesthetic itself are really great, and worth the visit.
Would I recommend it? If you haven’t been, or find yourself in the area, definitely give it a visit and snag up some delicious food. Once you’re inside, you’ll totally forget about all the Elmos. 


Gotham West Market


This is not your ordinary food court. In fact, I’m sure they’d be pissed I even used that phrase. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, this market houses 8 of some of New York City’s best food joints, all in one spot. Whether you’re on a lunch break, need a coffee pick-me-up, or getting some grocery items, you can do it all right here. Each restaurant has it’s own counter seating, but, you can also settle up at some of the communal benched tables in a couple areas of the market.


Blue Bottle Coffee


The Brooklyn Kitchen has a specialty grocery and also offers a cooking school where you can take classes right there.


The Cannibal has a menu of market-driven charcuterie, small plates, beer and cocktails.


El Colmado is a classic Spanish tapas bar.


Genuine Roadside serves classic American roadside stand fare, wine, beer and a signature draft cocktail.


And, they have a really cool, retro condiment counter.


Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop serves handcrafted sandwiches.


Little Chef serves a farm-to-table menu of sandwiches from Saltie in Brooklyn, soups, salads, and more.


Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop serves classic ramen, mazemen, rice bowls and more.


And, just in case you need any little goodies to-go, there’s a stand hosting some packaged goods and kitchenware.


The Shorts:
Name: Gotham West Market 
Location: 600 11th Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Definitely. There are so many great places to try under one roof.
Would I recommend it? Yes. And, since a few of these places are serving small plates, you can almost go on a mini food tour!