Rooftop Bar At 1 Hotels


This past week, I was in Miami for a little vacation and escape from the never ending NYC winter. I stayed at the brand new 1 Hotels South Beach, which was totally breath taking. Everything there is focused on sustainability, organic and eco-friendly materials, and offering farm to table with some of their dining options. They currently have three dining offerings on premises, and the adjoining Beachcraft opening as well.


The hotel is one of the only (if not the only) in Miami Beach to host a rooftop pool, and a gorgeous one at that. The Rooftop Bar there serves drinks and a menu of raw seafood, salads, burgers and a little dessert too. I started with a lovely glass of Rose to kick things off, going perfectly with the warm weather and cool breeze surrounding.


Next, I ordered the Tomato Salad (watermelon, arugula, cypress point loblolly cheese, cancha, balsamic). It’s a smaller portion, but so light, refreshing and filled with flavor. Tomato and watermelon salads are usually a common summer salad with feta cheese, but I really liked the pairing of the loblolly cheese, giving it a bit of a sharper, less salty taste and adding a nice dynamic between the sweetness of the watermelon and tomato, the acidity from the balsamic and the bit of crunch of the cancha (pretty much a fancy version of corn nuts).  


I also had their Sliders (wild salmon, pickled mustard seeds, horseradish, brioche). Now, I was a little surprised when these arrived with cheese on them, since it wasn’t in the description, and even more, what kind of cheese it was, but I was so hungry I didn’t even bother to ask. I will say, it was tasty, so I can’t complain, but should probably be added to the menu description. The brioche buns are buttery and soft, adding a nice richness to the little tender salmon burgers, which get a bit of a kick from the horseradish. 

The Shorts:
Name: Rooftop Bar
Location: 1 Hotels 2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Now, to get to the roof, you need to be a guest at the hotel, so, it’s technically not open to the public. But, I had an incredible stay there, so, next the time I’m back, I’ll be up there in a second. 
Would I recommend it? Absolutely. The view of the beach is gorgeous, the rooftop is beautiful, and the food and drinks are really great. 


Felice Caffè


Another spot definitely worth checking out is Felice Caffè in Ipanema in Rio. If you’re looking for a bit of a more upscale, chic vibe, with a great wine list, this is where you’ll need to go. They also offer a really nice outside patio, which is where we sat.


We started off with a nice bottle of Rose, and I ordered a couple of appetizers as a meal. First, I had the Mahi-Mahi Sashimi (tamarind, passionfruit, cucumber, radish, dill, sprouts). This was really great, the fish tasted fresh, and I really like the accompanying components, a bit of sweet and crunch to mix up the texture. 


Then, I had the Tuna Tartar (soy sauce, chili, fresh herbs, ginger). I enjoyed this was as well. The soy sauce and chili gave the tuna a nice, savory quality with just a tiny bit of heat. 

The Shorts:
Name: Felice Caffè 
Location: Rua Gomes Carneiro, 30 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, the vibes are great. Grab a table outside on the patio and sink into a nice bottle of wine.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s right by the beach too, so, after, take a nice stroll along the beach side.