I love sweets, and that certainly includes pastries. I’m no stranger to the name Ovenly, but I hadn’t yet tried their goods, until now. I visited their flagship store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


Their shop is bright, airy and welcoming, where you can take your things to go, or have a seat at their cafe tables to enjoy your treats. They’ve been on lots of “best of” lists for their cookies, so, I knew I definitely had to try some. They also offer an array of items from scones, to cupcakes, and brownies. 

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I tried two of their cookies, the first was one of their staple, most popular items, their Salted Chocolate Chip. First off, vegans, this one’s for you. Yes, it’s vegan. Now, I’ve had some amazing vegan baked goods, where you’d never know the difference, and some, well, you could tell the difference. These cookies, you would never know they were vegan, and they’re delicious. They’re soft, buttery (even though it’s not animal butter), with large, gooey, chocolate chips. Its almost tastes like you’re eating cookie dough, focusing on a soft baked cookie rather than a crisp one. Then, you have large, coarse granules of salt on the top for that salty/sweet combination to bring out the flavors. 

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Next, I had their Salted Peanut Butter, which is gluten free. Again, you’d never know the difference. This cookie is also soft baked, and it’s rich in peanut butter taste, with real peanut flavor and none of that artificial taste. You even get some of that peanut texture in the cookie, and the rest melts in your mouth.

The Shorts:
Name: Ovenly
Location: 31 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure, they have a few other items I’d love to try, but just didn’t have enough room in my stomach at the time.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s a really quaint, homey shop, and there’s a park just steps away with a view of the river and Manhattan. So, grab a cookie and a view, and you’re all set.