Jam Jar Bakery


On the past few weekends, I’ve been vending Squish Marshmallows at the local flea markets and food fairs in NYC. It’s been a blast, and it’s also allowed me to get introduced to some amazing, local food talent. Most recently, I got to try Jam Jar Bakery. 


The signature item is their Jar Pie, a small mason jar filled with a complete little pie, layered in for eating on-the-go. And, no need to worry about finding a spoon, one comes strapped right on to the little jar. All the pies are made with natural ingredients, and thoughtfully crafted flavors. 


I tried Monkey Madness (layered with a short bread crust with Toffee, Candied Pecans, topped with Banana Cake soaked in a light Amaretto Syrup). Now, I love bananas, so, this one was right up my alley. What I thought was really unique, is, you might see some other small businesses doing mason jar desserts, but what sets this one apart is the flavor profile, craft, and natural ingredients. I really enjoyed the banana cake approach, putting a different spin on the expected, standard pie. The toffee here was so clutch, almost like a sweet custard that married the cake and cookie crumble crust really nicely. 

The Shorts:
Name: Jam Jar Bakery
Location: Online and NYC locations 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. And, if you can’t make it out to the NYC markets, they sell online too.
Would I recommend it? Yes, who doesn’t like a little dessert on-the-go?



image (24)

So, on my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge, I was in Red Hook to check out Cacao Prieto. On my way back to the train, I passed by this cute little place with an orange door. The brightly colored door, plus the name of the place, Baked, immediately caught my attention. Had to go in. 

image (30)

It’s super cozy and has a homey feel that just makes you want to spend your afternoon there, sipping coffee, hanging out, and eating delicious treats. 

image (31)

Everything is handmade there every day, from cookies, to cakes, to brownies, to pies and bars. Everything looked far too good to just try one thing…and I’m horrible at moderation. So, I asked for some suggestions. 

image (32)

I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin, and I was told that this new seasonal treat was amazing. So, I tried the Pumpkin Donut. Baked, instead of fried, this cake-like donut was incredible. Sweet and loaded with pumpkin flavor, with a fantastic glaze and topped with orange sprinkles. Ok, so, I absolutely hate the word “moist” (gross), but, there’s no other word to describe this cake…believe me, I looked in the thesaurus for an acceptable replacement. And, the glaze and sprinkles add some whimsy and fun that also compliment the pumpkin donut perfectly. 

image (33)

Then, I went for The Millionaire. This bar should be named the Billionaire. A sweet and salty treat, you can’t have a bad day after taking a bite of one of these. It’s layered with a shortbread as the base, light and buttery that melts in your mouth. Then, there’s a thin layer of salted caramel, with more of a consistency of a custard, but rich and creamy with that perfect salty and sweet component. Then, its topped with a layer of dark chocolate ganache, which, is also amazing in flavor and texture. All the elements combined create a winning team. 

The Shorts:
Name: Baked
Location: 359 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Hell yes. And next time, I’d make a little afternoon of it and instead of the subway, I’ll take the water taxi over!
Would I recommend it? Did you see the “hell yes” above?