Fay Da Bakery


The next stop for my 12 Best Bakeries In NYC Challenge from Gothamist’s list is Fay Da Bakery in Chinatown. 


This bakery is serving lots of classic Chinese baked goods that are ridiculously inexpensively priced. Each baked good will only run you about $1. Also, don’t take pictures there (I learned they don’t like that). 


I went for the Sweet Topping Red Bean Bun (sweet crusted top with red bean filling inside a soft bun). I really haven’t ever had anything quite like it. And, I loved it. The bun is generous in size, and I think the best word to universally describe the characteristics of the bun would be, delicate. The texture of the dough was pillowy, but you get the slight crispness of the thin cookie-like layer on top. Inside, you have this great, creamy paste from the red beans, all of which are delicately sweet. 


Red bean paste in your face. 

The Shorts:
Name: Fay Da Bakery
Location: NYC and TriState Locations 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Absolutely. So many great and unique treats await.
Would I recommend it? For sure.