Food trucks seem to be a dime a dozen in NYC. But, when one is successful enough to win Vendy Awards and stand the test of time (which is at least over a year, in my opinion), well, you know they’re on to something good. Calexico is doing just that, and has since opened up a couple restaurant locations in addition to their trucks. I visited the Lower East Side location. 


Calexico is a real place, and at the restaurant, they’re serving California-Mexican cuisine. To start, I ordered their Jalapeño Mint Margarita (jalapeño infused exotico silver, combier, mint, jalapeño, lime, agave). I really loved this drink, it had a really great kick of heat, but also refreshing from the sweetness of the agave, the citrusy lime and the coolness of the mint. 


Then, I got some snacks. First, I got their Guacamole with house made tortilla chips. The guac was fresh and tasty, and the chips were crisp, savory, and really nice on their own. But, of course, better with the guac. 


Next, I had Watercress Salad (queso fresco, jicama, fresh grapefruit, pumpkin seed vinaigrette). I loved this salad. It was fresh, crisp, refreshing and satisfying. I truly enjoy some queso fresco, and the creaminess goes nicely with the crispness and crunch of the jicama and pumpkin seeds. 

The Shorts:
Name: Calexico
Location: 153 Rivington Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. The drinks are awesome and the food is really tasty too.
Would I recommend it? Yes, very laid back atmosphere with good food at really affordable prices. And if you’re not in the mood to sit and dine, you can catch them at their truck locations