The Doughnut Project


I eat a lot of doughnuts (donuts if you’re nasty), some are amazing, and some are just kind of meh. And, I appreciate a unique doughnut, so, you can save your sprinkles for Instagram. Basically, I’m kind of a tough one. Open only a few days now, The Doughnut Project is the new doughnut spot on the scene, located in the West Village, and I had to check it out.


Even if you’re not a doughnut person (weirdo), you should stop by just for the decor. A chandelier hangs, surrounded by a ceiling to almost-floor design, painted on the ceiling and wall itself. It’s accompanied by some smaller framed photos, which, basically all look awesome. Here you’ll find all yeast, hand crafted doughnuts, glazed and iced with unique flavors. I got four to try (they had six available flavors when I was there), listing in order leading up to my most favorite.


First, I had the Olive Oil and Black Pepper. So first off, the dough itself is really nice. It’s not overly greasy, it’s light, but still has a bit of a doughy chew. As for the Olive Oil and Black Pepper, it has subtle, light flavor, but then you get a hint of the pepper. It’s not overwhelming, so don’t let the savory sound scare you.


Then, I had the special that day, Cinnamon and Pepita. If I could use only two words to describe this, it would be, just delightful. The cinnamon gives you that warmth of flavor, and combined with pumpkin seeds, it’s pretty much Fall in a doughnut. The candied pepitas on top add a nice little crunch and nuttiness in flavor. If they have it on the menu when you’re there, get it and go outside to frolic through some orange leaves.


Next, I had the Pineapple and Habanero Stripe. So, pineapple as a raw fruit, I’m into it. Pineapple in desserts, usually not so much. I’m not totally sure what it is about it, but I don’t usually enjoy the taste. But, throw a curve ball and add a habanero stripe for heat, I’m in. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one. The pineapple isn’t overpowering, and not overly sweet, giving you just the right amount of flavor to let you know that, hey, this is pineapple. Then, right away, you get a kick of heat from the habanero. The two are paired in other dishes, but this was a first for me to have them together in perfect harmony on a doughnut.


Finally, I had the Beet and Ricotta Stuffing. Oh, you don’t usually have your doughnut with beet and fresh ricotta? Newb. It’s the most visually grabbing, with it’s glossy bright purplish-red color, created only from the natural color of the beets. Again, not an overpowering flavor, but you definitely taste beet, which is complimented so nicely with the dough, which is stuffed with creamy ricotta. You could pretty much eat this for breakfast as a complete meal (veggies and cheese and grains, yeah!), or even lunch or dinner. I would. 

The Shorts:
Name: The Doughnut Project
Location: 10 Morton Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. The team there is awesome and super friendly, and they have a real unique and quality product.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. It’s one of the most aesthetically cool food shops I’ve been to, and then you add awesome doughnuts and coffee? Sold. 




Well, Cinco De Mayo might be over, but there will always be a time and place for Mexican/Southwestern food. It’s called all the time, and almost anywhere. And one of those places is at Agave in the West Village. 


I was actually there for Cinco De Drinko Mayo, which sounds like an anxiety attack. But, surprisingly, once you get past the bar (which on any other day I’m sure is much more tame and civilized), and toward the back dining areas, you’ll step into dimly lit, cavernous rooms. I was really pleased that with all the craziness around us, the room was relaxed and the service was attentive. To start, I ordered the Acapulco Spice (house made jalapeño infused tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice, jalapeños). I’m a spicy margarita enthusiast, and I really enjoyed this one. Great kick and not too sweet, which, I find, is the perfect combination if you’re trying to avoid a hangover. 


Then, I ordered their Pescado Tacos (market fish special with charred pineapple pico, smoked paprika). I also happen to be a fish taco enthusiast (what can I say, I’m an enthusiastic person), and I enjoyed their version. What I did like here was the pineapple pico, it added a touch of sweetness that was really nice. Also, it was refreshing to have the fish as-is and not deep fried in a heavy batter, allowing the tacos to really exude more of a freshness. The one thing I would say, is they might want to double up on the tortillas. The ingredients are generously put onto each tortilla, which is great, but it weighs it down and about half way through they pretty much give out and break. 

The Shorts:
Name: Agave
Location: 140 Seventh Avenue South, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, the drinks are great and the back dining rooms have a great atmosphere. 
Would I recommend it? Yes. When a Mexican restaurant can hold it together well and not lose their $#!& on the busiest Mexican drinking/dining day of the year, I’m a happy camper.