Mast Brothers

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Yesterday, I went to the first spot on my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge, Mast Brothers Chocolate. Walking by, you’ll see lots of people stopping to take pictures outside of the shop…yes, I was one of them.

image (2)

Inside, you’re automatically hit with aroma of pure chocolate. It’s not just a shop, they’re making the chocolate right there. It’s pretty much a full service shop, making it, selling chocolate, Stumptown coffee, and books (cooking and their own Mast Brothers book).  

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Now, I’m not the biggest dark chocolate fan, but, I figured, they’re probably doing that right, so, I’ll give it a go. I tried a couple, but, my favorite was Belize. From the Mayan Jungles and made with organic cacao, the notes of raisin, plum and sarsaparilla, per Mast’s description, really come through. Think of the flavors similar to that of a sophisticated, dark chocolate Raisinettes…but, you know, a lot better of course. 

image (4)

And did I mention how cool it looks inside? I didn’t yet…now I have. 

The Shorts:
Name: Mast Brothers 
Location: 111 North 3rd St., Williamsburg
Long and Short: Will I go back? If I’m in the area…I could always use a whiff of chocolate.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s even just a fun experience to see some of the chocolate making. 


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