Fine & Raw

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Next stop on the October Brooklyn Candy Challenge is Fine & Raw chocolate. 

image (8)

With an emphasis on their chocolate being organic, they’re also working to make sure that everything is as green and sustainable as it can be. The packaging is recycled and even the ink on the packaging is non-toxic and vegetable based. 

image (9)

I really like eco-conscious companies, and was looking forward to trying the chocolate itself. I chose lucuma and vanilla. It’s a semi dark chocolate, but I got more notes of the lucuma, a subtropical fruit of Peru, than the vanilla. In fact, I couldn’t tell there was any vanilla. Instead, I got hints of honey, which I’m attributing to the maple-like flavors in the lucuma. 

image (10)

Right off the bat, you get that bitterness of a dark chocolate, which, I’m usually not a fan of, but, enjoyed. It prompts you to savor each bite and not scarf the entire bar at once.

The Shorts:
Name: Fine & Raw
Location: Available online and nationwide 
Long and Short: Would I buy it again? This particular flavor, maybe not. But, I’m always open to trying a different flavor!
Would I recommend it? Maybe not my first recommendation, but, I think a true dark chocolate lover might feel differently than myself. 


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