Raaka Chocolate

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Raaka Chocolate is the next product on my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge. Their mission is pretty awesome, and they’re using fair trade, organic ingredients, recycled paper for their wrapping, and also donate all of their cocoa husks to a public school in Brooklyn for their garden. 

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When it comes to choosing a particular type out of the variety, I more often than not just go with my gut, or a recommendation. Since their Bourbon cask aged bar from Bolivia with 82% cocoa is a 2013 Good Food Award Winner, I felt that was a solid choice. 

image (4)

Right away, there’s a flood of rich, bold flavor. You get some of the bitterness of the dark chocolate, but then right away get the bourbon flavor and notes of vanilla and honey. The chocolate also has a smooth texture that melts really nicely. 

The Shorts:
Name: Raaka Chocolate 
Location: Nationwide and online
The Long and Short: Would I buy it again? I would, I’d be interested to try some of the other flavors.
Would I recommend it? Yes. Now, $8 chocolate bars are not something you probably just pick up all the time, but, they sell gift boxes, and, with a company that does so much to give back, this would definitely make a sweet gift. 


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