Jacques Torres Chocolate

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Jacques Torres is the next stop on my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge

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Located in DUMBO, this is the first location of the chocolate shop. Open the door, boom. Chocolate soaked air. It was awesome. There are lots of different confections here, all of which look amazing. I went straight for the individual pieces of chocolate, and asked what the most popular/favored one is. 

image (7)

I was advised to try Wicked Fun, a dark chocolate with Mexican spices, ancho and chipotle chiles. And, the painting on the front of the chocolate is pretty cute too. Torres is making handcrafted, artisan chocolates from all natural, quality ingredients. 

image (8)

This particular chocolate was divine. It was more of a truffle, and had a silky and creamy center that totally melts in your mouth. First, you get the semi sweetness of the chocolate, then, you get a little pinch of the chiles, which has almost a nutmeg and cinnamon quality to it. 

image (9)

Plus, their motto fits pretty well with my thoughts on life. 

image (10)

The Shorts:
Name: Jacques Torres Chocolate
Location: 66 Water St, Brooklyn and online 
The Long and Short: Would I buy it again? Definitely. There’s really something there for everyone.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Jacques Torres is a major name in the chocolate world, and it’s not all hype, he’s the real deal. 


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