Deliso Confections

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Hitting another place on my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge, I was off to Bay Ridge to Deliso Confections. I had never been to Bay Ridge, until now. And, I’m certainly glad I made the trip over there. 

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The shop itself was petit, but had an array of items ranging from chocolates to truffles, peanut brittle, and popcorn. Not to mention, upon walking in, they were making the chocolate right then and there. Everything there is handmade, fresh, and given lots of detail. 

image (16)

I chose a few different chocolates and truffles to take with me, but made a point to get the Pumpkin Truffle to try first. Man alive. This truffle was amazing. The dark chocolate truffle is coated with crunchy, sweet and salty toffee bits, which adds a great element of texture, contrasting with the silky and creaminess of the truffle. You don’t get a huge presence from the pumpkin, but just a slight hint, which is nice since it offsets any bitterness of the dark chocolate. 

image (17)

The Shorts:
Name: Deliso Confections
Location: 278 87th Street, Brooklyn 
The Long and Short: Would I buy it again? Yes. Now, it was a bit of a commute for me, but, I wouldn’t be against taking the trip back!
Would I recommend it? Yes, there are actually a lot of really cute places in the neighborhood and this shop is definitely one to check out. 


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