Miss Lily’s

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Now, this isn’t my first rodeo at Miss Lily’s. But, when you really like a place you have to share it. This authentic Jamaican restaurant is putting a modern spin on some of the classics of the Caribbean right in SoHo. 

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Jazzed up with multicolored twinkle lights, diner-esc order boards and seating, this place not only serves up tasty food, but provides an environment that just makes you happy. Not to mention, your ears will enjoy the amazing reggae tunes playing on Radio Lily.

image (13) For an appetizer, I ordered Ackee Dip and Plantain Chips. Ackee is a fruit found in tropical West Africa and Jamaica. It has the creaminess and delicate taste of avocado, but the dip itself has a great savory flavor and a punch of heat behind it. 

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Then, I ordered Steamed Fish, fillet of branzino with okra, peppers and carrots. Your sinuses will definitely be cleared by almost any dish here. They’re not light on the spice. Luckily, I love spicy food. The fish is light and delicate and the veggies are tender and infused with the spice too. On the side, you get a bowl of rice and beans. 

The Shorts:
Name: Miss Lily’s 
Location: 132 West Houston Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Well, I mean, I’ve been a few times so…
Would I recommend it? Lawd Ah Merceh.


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