Butter Lane


Well, yesterday was National Cupcake Day. I’m a person who takes my holidays very seriously, especially when they involve cupcakes. So, it wasn’t a hard decision on which bakery to celebrate at. I made my way to Butter Lane in the East Village, one of my most favorite cupcake spots. 


And just in case you’re more of a hands-on type, they also offer cupcake making classes that you can register for. 


Each flavor is accessibly unique and completely delicious.


I went for one of my favorites there, The Elvis (banana cake, peanut butter frosting and marshmallows on top). This cupcake gets me all shook up…Elvis? The cake has a great texture, moist (I hate that word) and a perfect banana flavor. Their frosting is not overly sweet, and has the richness of peanut butter, topped with three little marshmallows to complete the trifecta. 

The Shorts:
Name: Butter Lane
Location: 123 East 7th Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? I’ve been over a dozen time…I hope that answers that question.
Would I recommend it? Please re-read the first question’s answer. 


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