Otto’s Tacos


If you need a taco pick-me-up (because, who doesn’t?), stop in to Otto’s Tacos in the East Village.


This LA inspired taqueria is making everything from scratch, fresh, everyday. Everything is meant to eat in a pit-stop fashion, order, take a seat, eat, and keep on trucking.

image (1)

I ordered their Mushroom Taco and added guacamole. The masa tortilla had great flavor and texture. The mushrooms were tender, savory and flavorful. Then, you have the fresh components of the chopped crisp onion and cilantro. Their guacamole is something to definitely add on to any taco, rich in flavor and excellent, thick texture.

The Shorts:
Name: Otto’s Tacos
Location: 141 2nd Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Definitely. These tacos make the perfect snack, or, order a couple with some masa fries as a meal.
Would I recommend it? Yesss.


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