Pouring Ribbons


I’m one who appreciates a proper mixology cocktail bar. And so, I’m a real fan of Pouring Ribbons in Alphabet City. 


Head up stairs and you enter into a room that almost transports you back to…well, a year you probably weren’t even born yet. This is not your average grab-a-spot-where-you-can bar. Seating is a must and capacity is set to seats just like a restaurant. Warmth and class are what drives this bar. 


I started with their Midnight Marauder (Vida Mezcal, Bonal, Cynar, Mole Bitters). Now, I was feeling a bit adventurous, and I was pleased with my decision, but I might not order this one again (just personal preference). It had a great smokiness to it, which I do like, but, a bit dry for my taste. In fairness, that was the description I was given, but I decided to go against what I usually order. Glad I tried it, but went for something else after this one.


This is the something else. It doesn’t exactly have a name, it was a hybrid of a couple cocktails and this is their love child. It was definitely lovely. Another great thing about mixologists, name the qualities of a drink you like, they’ve got the answer. 

The Shorts:
Name: Pouring Ribbons
Location: 225 Avenue B, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, this was my second time, so, I’m already ahead of myself.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. Go get yourself a classy cocktail. 


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