sugar Sweet sunshine


I’ve lived in NYC for over seven years now, and love going to new places. But, I also stay loyal to my favorite places, one of them being sugar Sweet sunshine on the Lower East Side. 


This 70’s inspired bakery is home to some groovy cupcakes and far out treats (threw in some 70’s jargon…you’re welcome). These two former Magnolia bakers joined forces to create an inviting and delicious bakery (and I personally like their cupcakes better than Magnolia).


They have a variety of cupcakes with fun and whimsical names. But, after you grab a cuppie, you need to head over to the other window full of their puddings.


They have a rotating crew of seasonal flavors along with their staple flavors (and yes, I’ve tried all of them).


Since it’s only seasonal, I had to grab some of my favorite flavors of pudding there, The Nog (pumpkin cake, eggnog pudding and whip cream). Each batch is configured like a trifle, alternating layers of each ingredient. You get all the flavors incorporated together, making each bite equally delicious. The pumpkin cake is soft and flavorful, mixed with the custard-like and creamy eggnog pudding. Then, you have the light whip cream to bring it all home. You can also get different sizes, starting with a shot glass sized cup, graduating to a 10 oz-64 oz big boy. 

The Shorts:
Name: sugar Sweet sunshine
Location: 126 Rivington Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? I have been for the past seven years, and I don’t plan on slowing down.
Would I recommend it? Did I mention I’ve been going for almost a decade? 


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