If New Orleans cuisine wandered into a NYC restaurant in the Flatiron District, well, you’d get Bo’s. 


Upon entering, you’re welcomed into the warm and unique aesthetic. The bar and restaurant have exposed brick walls and contemporary light fixtures with a large lighted piece in the very back of the restaurant, luring you in, that reads “Yeah You Right”. Now, just to get it out of the way, the service that night, while totally friendly and nice, was a little scattered. I used to wait tables, so, I know there are always off-nights etc. But, it’s a more casual setting, it isn’t fine dining, so I’m usually a lot more relaxed in cases like this.


Now, let’s get to buttery delicious things. You’re started off with some of their Monkey Bread. As a kid, I had a dessert Monkey Bread, but this one is much different. While it’s served dry, its buttery, and salty, and soft, just melting in your mouth.


First, I ordered their Fresh Fall Greens (kale, swiss chard, brussels leaves, frisée, harvest fruits and vegetables, horseradish-buttermilk dressing, candied walnuts). Piled up to a little salad heaven, this was a really delightful start. The harvest fruits that evening were apple, pear and quince (a fruit similar in texture to a pear with a very mild flavor). I liked the contrast of flavors from the mild horseradish in the buttermilk dressing to the sweetness of the apples and candied walnuts. 


Then, I ordered Roasted Trout (steamed broccolini, toasted almonds, castelvetrano olives, pomegranate-tomato vinaigrette). Over all, I really liked this dish, but had a couple mixed feelings. While everything in its entirety was delicious, I think it was a bit salty for my taste between the trout and the olives. However, the broccolini was awesome and the acidity of the pomegranate-tomato vinaigrette did a good job of breaking up the saltiness. I also felt like the vinaigrette may have been a bit too generous in the dish. But, the fish was cooked perfectly, delicate and tender. 

The Shorts:
Name: Bo’s
Location: 6 West 24th Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? I would. I think next time I’ll be going for some dessert, the Hazelnut Profiteroles were calling my name but my stomach was too full to allow them to join the party.
Would I recommend it? Yes, overall I had a good experience, but even if you just grabbed a drink at the bar, you can still soak in all of its decorative beauty. 


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