Financier Patisserie


Another must-visit place on my Grand Central Tour is Financier Patisserie.


This French pastry shop has delicious classic items like macarons, petit individual tarts, and cakes. The name of the shop itself, Financier, actually comes from a French little almond cake, shaped like a gold brick. Since I’ve had this before, I decided to go for a couple other items.


First, I had their Pistachio Macaron. This guy is about 2-3 times the size of the more common mini macarons at most shops. And yes, they do have those as well in little gift sets, but the solo macs are large and in charge. It was great too, a light crispness on the surface, working down to perfect chewiness on the inside. The pistachio flavor was sweet and subtle, but definitely there. 


Then, I had a Florentine. Oh man, this was pretty amazing. The textures wrap into one another, a mix of crunch, chew and creaminess. The top portion has a great toffee texture and flavor combined with the nuttiness of the almonds. Then, the bottom coating of dark chocolate just melts right into it. 


I just loved the pretty, textured, chocolaty back of the Florentine.

The Shorts:
Name: Financier Patisserie
Location: Grand Central 42nd Street Passage, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? You bet.
Would I recommend it? Definitely, there certainly is something for everyone, but you can’t lose with a nice macaron. 


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