The Nut Box


If you love all things snack food, especially of the nut variety, look no further than The Nut Box in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 


This is a snacker’s heaven. When the regular old chips just won’t cut it, you can head here for all things sweet and salty.


While the name let’s you know one thing they have for sure, they also have an extensive variety of their own coffee, candies, chocolates and trail mixes. 

image (2)

I really like their Wasabi Bean Mix (soy bean, red bean, black bean, edamame), it’s something I haven’t seen at other stores before. Sure, you have wasabi peas, but this is a different, more exciting spin on the spicy pea snack. 

The Shorts:
Name: The Nut Box
Location: 163 Smith Street, Brooklyn
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure, they have way too many noshy type items to try. 
Would I recommend it? Yes, and, if you can’t make it over to one of their 3 NYC locations, you can buy the goods online


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