Stumptown Coffee


One of my favorite coffee roasters is Stumptown Coffee. You can find their coffee in a number of other coffee shops and cafes, but you can visit their storefront in NoMad for the full experience. 


Originating from Portland, Stumptown prides itself in a quality product, great customer service, and direct trade (for them, that’s improving coffee quality, incentive based rewards to the farmer and transparency of the supply chain). They serve their coffee, along with a cold brew, in store, but you can also purchase it online too.


I ordered an extra dry Cappuccino. Now, any barista that can serve up my drink, what I think is a pretty simple order, perfectly, gets a gold star in my book. (FYI, extra dry just means all foam, no milk). 

The Shorts:
Name: Stumptown Coffee
Location: 18 W 29th Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Well, they’re one of my favorites and I’m a pretty loyal customer. 
Would I recommend it? Definitely. Go discover what good coffee is. 


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