Cafe Luluc


If you’re looking for brunch in a low-key, cafe and bistro environment with a bit of a diner flare, search no further than Cafe Luluc in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.


They have a patio in the back, open now for spring, that I’d recommend sitting in. The restaurant is cash only, but everything here is so affordably priced, that even getting a $20 from the ATM ($40 to be safe with plenty of change) will do you just fine. 


I started off with a Bloody Mary. I really liked their’s, it was spicy, but not overwhelming, and a little bit sweet. Oh, and it’s only $6, so, yeah. 


For my meal, I ordered Scrambled Eggs (with smoked salmon and scallions) served with French fries and field greens. While this isn’t necessarily a fancy dish, everything here was really great. Seasoning was on point, and everything was cooked wonderfully. 

The Shorts:
Name: Cafe Luluc
Location: 214 Smith Street, Brooklyn
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. They have a really laid back vibe, good service, and tasty food. 
Would I recommend it? Yes, a great spot to grab a good meal that’s good on your wallet. 


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