Chez Oscar


Brunch is a culture all of its own. And it’s not just a thing in the states, it’s just a big in Sao Paulo. As a recommendation, I was told I needed to check out Chez Oscar in Jardins. 


Head upstairs, and prepare to be impressed by the restaurant’s decor and aesthetic. Rustic wood tables, candle-wax dripped wall, and strewn market lights are some of the things that make up this restaurant. 


To start, I ordered their Aged Honey Daiquiri (rum, organic honey and lemon). Now, I’m not really a rum person, but the aged honey part is what got me. Well, it wasn’t as sweet as I would hope it would be, but it was definitely potent. Might not be my top pick for a drink the next time, but, certainly a decent cocktail. 


For my entree I ordered the Nicoise Salad (green leaves, cucumber, artichoke, organic tomato, Dutch pod, green peppers, roasted potatoes, black olives, white beans, boiled egg and tuna). I really loved this salad. It was abundant in its ingredients, making for a salad that won’t leave you hungry. Everything here was fresh and tasty and the tuna was nicely marinated, giving it a great flavor.

The Short:
Name: Chez Oscar
Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 1128 Jardins, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, I’m obsessed with the look of the restaurant and the food was really great.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. Great neighborhood, great service, great spot. 


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