Burgers. Super American, right? Well, they’ve got them all over Brazil, you can find them at many luncheonettes, but, there really aren’t any stand-alone burger joints. Now, in Vila Magdalene, Sao Paulo, you can go to newly opened KOD Burgers, and I went on the opening night.


This quick serve restaurant focus on all homemade ingredients, without frills. The menu will change occasionally from day to day, depending on what ingredients are in play that day. Vegetarians and vegans can also dine in with at least one veggie option every day.


Since I don’t eat meat, I went for their vegetarian option that day, the Chick Chick (Burger vegano de grão-de-bico, tofu e curry). Now, the group I went with all had the beef burgers and loved them. So, I have to think they’re doing something right. However, I didn’t really love my veggie burger as much. I can respect the fact that it’s all made in house, using fresh and local ingredients. And, since it isn’t the only variation of veggie burgers that they offer (although it was that night), they might have tastier options to be tried. 

The Shorts:
Name: KØD
Location: Rua Mourato Coelho 1134 São Paulo, Brazil
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Personally, might not be my spot.
Would I recommend it? For meat eaters and burger enthusiasts, yes. There was a lot of positive feedback on the beef patties. 


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