Bibo’s Madd Apple Cafe


Brunch struck again in Portland, ME. Next stop was to Bibo’s Madd Apple Cafe in the Art District. The restaurant has a very relaxed, casual feel, with a bit of a quirky side. 


Art is found throughout the place and the pictures on the walls are all for sale. Service was a little slow-going to start, but things picked up and we were on our way to Brunchtown, USA. 


For my entree, I ordered the Belgian Waffle Of The Day: Coffee and Spice Wonut (cross between a waffle and donut with maple glaze, fruit and whipped cream). I didn’t know a Wonut existed, but I’m damn glad that Bibo’s made one. It truly was a well executed hybrid, incorporating the lightness of a waffle, but also the denser, cakiness of a donut. The flavor was amazing, a delightful spiced richness where you could get some waves of coffee essence, and the glaze was just the cherry on top. Well, glaze on top. 

The Shorts:
Name: Bibo’s Madd Apple Cafe
Location: 23 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, it was a pretty charming little spot for brunch. 
Would I recommend it? It was a quaint spot worth checking out, in a very central neighborhood. Can’t guaranty they’ll have a Wonut when you go, but, chances are, they’ll have something else just as great. 



image (2)

For the next location on my 7 Best Doughnuts In NYC Challenge off of Gothamist’s list, I went to Dough in Bed-Sty in Brooklyn. They’re hand making all of their doughnuts and glazes, and have glass windows at their kitchen so you can watch them craft everything right there. 

image (3)

These are some serious doughnuts, definitely larger than most, so, you won’t leave hungry. According to the list, Dulce De Leche is the one to try.

image (4)

This doughnut was pretty unreal. The dough itself is light, doughy and hinted with vanilla. It’s coated with a perfectly sweetened glaze with a delicate caramel flavor and generously sprinkled with almond slices. 

The Shorts:
Name: Dough
Location: 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, this was so delicious and the rest of their flavors sound incredible too.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely!