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For the next location on my 7 Best Doughnuts In NYC Challenge off of Gothamist’s list, I went to Dough in Bed-Sty in Brooklyn. They’re hand making all of their doughnuts and glazes, and have glass windows at their kitchen so you can watch them craft everything right there. 

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These are some serious doughnuts, definitely larger than most, so, you won’t leave hungry. According to the list, Dulce De Leche is the one to try.

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This doughnut was pretty unreal. The dough itself is light, doughy and hinted with vanilla. It’s coated with a perfectly sweetened glaze with a delicate caramel flavor and generously sprinkled with almond slices. 

The Shorts:
Name: Dough
Location: 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, this was so delicious and the rest of their flavors sound incredible too.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely! 


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