Whimsy & Spice

image (11)

Up next on my list for my October Brooklyn Candy Challenge is Whimsy & Spice. This husband and wife duo are making a line of cookies, marshmallows and other sweets, all handmade. 

image (12)

The cookies looked delicious, but, I stuck with the goal of sampling the candy, and found my way to the marshmallows. With unique flavors, incorporating delicate spices, I decided to try the Rose Vanilla

image (13)

Opening the packaging, you get a really great smell, just like sniffing into a bouquet of roses. The marshmallow was light and floral, with a touch of vanilla. It wasn’t too sweet and had a great, billowy texture. I would describe it all as, just delightful. 

The Shorts:
Name: Whimsy & Spice
Location: Multiple NYC locations and online
The Long and Short: Would I buy it again? Yes, these were a great little treat and I’m looking forward to trying their other sweets. Would I recommend it? Yes, these are accessible yet sophisticated marshmallows and would even make a great little gift. 


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