Silver Moon Bakery


The next stop on my 12 Best Bakeries In NYC Challenge from Gothamist’s list is Silver Moon Bakery in the Upper West Side. 


This bakery has lots of fresh loaves of bread to choose from, in addition to some sweets and pastries. They’re very well known for their Challah Bread, so, I figured that was a good place to start.


Now, I don’t really need a whole loaf of bread, so, luckily, they also offer Challah Bread rolls. The bread had a nice texture with an eggy and buttery taste to the dough. Now, Challah is pretty straight forward, and I’ve had my fair share of it. But I will say, that this was a pretty nice one.


I also wanted to try something on the sweet side, so I got their Cinnamon Brioche, which was pretty much the less sweet cousin of the cinnamon bun. The bread was tasty, and the roll, as a whole, was slightly sweet with a nice glaze and  cinnamon inside. I’ve had some pretty decadent cinnamon buns in my day, but this was a nice change of pace. A less sticky and sweet version of this bread let’s you have one as a snack or breakfast without going into a sugar coma afterward. 

The Shorts:
Name: Silver Moon Bakery
Location: 2740 Broadway, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? If I were in need of a loaf of bread, yes. They had some really great looking ones there. Would I recommend it? Again, for the loaves, yes. And, if you have a Jewish dinner to attend, pick up a Challah from there. 


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