Brunch is a meal, it exists. And, I’ve brunched at Juliette in Williamsburg before. But, I’ve yet to have dinner there, until now. This French cafe removes you from the grit of the city’s streets and puts you into a quaint and dynamic Parisian brasserie from the antique bar, to another room surrounded by live growing vines. 


I can be somewhat indecisive, especially when I see a few items that I’d really like. So, I went for two appetizers as my meal. First, I got the Winter Kale Salad (honey crisp apples, roasted spaghetti squash, toasted hazelnuts and idiazabal cheese). Piled-high, this shredded kale salad was just delightful. Dressed in a delicate raspberry vinaigrette, all elements go together so nicely. The contrasting textures of the kale, the squash, and the big crunch of the apple and hazelnuts, make for a really dynamic salad.


Then, I had Salmon Tartare (cilantro ginger oil, serrano chile, greek yogurt, English cucumber, paddlefish caviar & gaufrette potatoes). This is a nice, generous portion which would be great to share for two as an appetizer, or, as a meal with another app. The tartare had a nice, mild quality with hints of the cilantro flavor. I will say, I could have used a bit of citrus flavor added as well, almost giving it a ceviche appeal. But, with the saltiness and crispness  of the potato chips, it balances out the delicate flavor of the tartare. 

The Shorts:
Name: Juliette 
Location: 135 North 5TH Street, Brooklyn 
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, lunch is next.
Would I recommend it? Yes, especially when the weather warms up, they have rooftop seating. 


5 thoughts on “Juliette

    • Thanks! If you’re looking for a couple bottomless brunch places in NYC, I would recommend a few places for a few different things: if you’re in the mood for spanish food and an unlimited sangria bar, try Calle Ocho on the UWS, or Jalapeño (also UWS), unlimited brunch drinks with your entree, or Harry’s in the Financial District, unlimited champagne with your entree!

  1. It’s a real pleasure to eat at the Juliette Restaurant. You feel like you are in Paris! The food is wonderful! Everyone should try it!

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