Blue Olive Market


Located in Tudor City, Blue Olive Market is a new Greek and Mediterranean-inspired eatery and market offering scratch-made prepared foods and gourmet products.


But, I was on a mission. I heard that they were making a Frozen Greek Yogurt, different from anything else out there. You can custom order your own by choosing your Greek Yogurt and toppings, or, select one of their combinations off the menu. Right away, I saw Rosemary and Dried Fig and knew that was the one I’d be ordering.


They start out by chopping up some dried fig to be mixed in with the yogurt and sprinkled on top. Next, using low-fat Greek Yogurt, a Rosemary extract simple syrup is added in to infuse the flavor. Then comes the part that really sets this treat and process apart. Liquid nitrogen. Yeah, liquid nitrogen. It’s slowly poured into a mixing bowl of the yogurt, instantly freezing it up. Once the yogurt is frozen, its scraped down and spooned out of the bowl, ready to be served up.


It’s unlike any frozen ice cream or yogurt dessert I’ve had. It’s rich, silky, and has that great tartness of Greek Yogurt. But then, you have a Rosemary flavor with a hint of sweetness. Bringing it all home are the chopped bits of dried fig adding sweetness and texture to the yogurt. Not only do you walk away with a delicious frozen treat, you also witnessed an educational science experiment.

The Shorts:
Name: Blue Olive Market
Location: 210 East 41st Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure, this snack was such a treat!
Would I recommend it? Yes, they even have a Greek Salad bar, customizing your own Greek Salad.


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