If you’re in the Lower East Side, and looking for a cozy, classy and casual spot, look no further than Dudley’s. I actually came to realize afterward, that Dudley’s is owned by the same group as Ruby’s, which I reviewed not too long ago. And I loved Ruby’s, so, it’s no surprise that I loved Dudley’s too. Their local and seasonal menu offers a little something for everyone, and all of it is really tasty. 


For a cocktail, I started off with Pear Us Apart (blanco tequila, pear brandy, orgeat, lime juice and smoked salt). This drink was awesome. You definitely get the subtle, sweet pear flavor in the beginning, and then the citrusy and slight saltiness at the end. 


Next, they had Char Seared Calamari Salad as one of their specials for an appetizer, and, well, I had to get that. It was so delicious. The arugula and greens were lightly dressed with a really nice citrusy vinaigrette, which balanced so wonderfully with the smokiness of the tender squid. 


For an entree, I ordered their Seared Arctic Char (roasted parsnips, mushroom both, hen of the woods mushroom). Again, another slam dunk. The fish was perfectly cooked, delicate and flaky, and juicy from being marinated in the wonderfully savory mushroom broth. I also really love a good parsnip, which I think is a totally underrated vegetable. 

The Shorts:
Name: Dudley’s
Location: 85 Orchard Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. The atmosphere is very cozy, the service is great, and the food is delish. 
Would I recommend it? Absolutely, nothing to complain about here. 


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