Everyman Espresso


In a city that runs on coffee, you might think it’s a pretty competitive market. Well, not if you’ve received local and national recognition as one of the best coffee shops. One of these would be Everyman Espresso in the East Village.


All of their coffee served comes Counter Culture Coffee. They’re really into the craft of coffee and even have their baristas attend trainings, also at Counter Culture, really giving attention to detail. 


They also serve up some awesome looking baked goods and doughnuts. I really wanted to have one, but I was just coming off of a sugar high from the cookie from Insomnia Cookies that I had a couple hours before. 


I ordered an Americano, and it was great. It had a nice, rich flavor with notes of chocolate, which, I mean, how can you not love that?

The Shorts:
Name: Everyman Espresso
Location: 136 East 13th Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, and there are plenty of cafe tables to sit while you enjoy your coffee.
Would I recommend it? You bet, a great neighborhood spot or place to grab a great cup on the go. 


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