The Bee’s Knees Baking Company


I passed this place a number of times before finally having my curiosity get the better of me. I mean, I do find the phrase “the bee’s knees” pretty adorable, so, when I saw there was a cafe with that name, well, I had to check it out. They have a location in the West Village, but I went to their newest store in Gramercy. 


The store itself is small and quaint, with a strip of seating along the wall. They have coffee from Counter Culture (also found at Everyman Espresso), pastries, and even wine and charcuterie.


They’re most well known for their baked goods, specifically their Cake-cups. I didn’t know about these treats, and unfortunately my stomach wasn’t up for it at the moment, so, I couldn’t try one. I know, I know. But, now that I know about them, I can always go back. 


There’s always room for a Cappuccino, though. 

The Shorts:
Name: The Bee’s Knees Baking Company
Location: 347 Third Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Yes, I really liked the vibe here, very relaxed and more homey than some other coffee shops.
Would I recommend it? Yes, and, if cake and coffee isn’t your thing (get your head checked), maybe some wine, beer, cured meat and cheese will do the trick. 


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