Sublime Doughnuts


Alright, so, if you read my posts, you know that I love doughnuts. If you don’t, well, now you do. Literally every state that I travel to, I have to at least make one doughnut stop. And, bless their hearts, I’m not talking about Dunkin’ (although, I’m not elitist enough to be above them, they’re still super delicious), I mean local, independent shops, showcasing their finest. So, I had to put my doughnut pants on (usually with a forgiving waistband) and head over to Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta.


Located in a somewhat unassuming little strip-mall-like plaza, these guys are serving up a combination of unique doughnuts made of yeast and some fritters. And, the décor is something to take note of too, from the large cartoon-like graffiti wall, to the doughnut pillows on their couches, and all the doughnut themed merch.


They had so many doughnuts to choose from, that I had to restrain myself. I knew I’d be able to eat a ton, especially since they’re really affordable, but, you know, I gotta keep a little self control. So, I went for a fearsome threesome. First, I had the Chocolate Banana Fritter. The fritter itself was light, yet moist (ugh, I really hate that word), and had an excellent, subtle, banana flavor. Topped with some chocolate drizzle, you really can’t lose with this one.


Next, I had the Butterfinger, which was a special that day. It’s tough not to enjoy this one. I mean, you’ve got a candy bar inspired, deliciously light, and slightly chewy yeast doughnut, that’s dipped in chocolate and topped with crushed up Butterfinger bars. What. Is. Happening. In. My. Mouth? A party, that’s what.


Finally, I had the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. So, yeah, I love candy, and this was a no-brainer. Luckily, it was also ridiculous, probably being my favorite one. Again, it starts with a delicious yeast doughnut. Then, it’s dipped in a milk chocolate, and filled with little pool of Reese’s style peanut butter. If that’s not enough, you get little chunks of the PB cups on top, because, you know, Reese’s. It’s simple, yet brilliant, and crazy good.

The Shorts:
Name: Sublime Doughnuts
Location: 535 10th Street NW, Atlanta, GA
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Do fish need water? Hell yeah, that laundry list of doughnuts needs me to check them off one by one (or 5 by 5, or, whatever).
Would I recommend it? Totally. They actually have plenty of room there to sit and hang out, so, if you feel the urge to try a lot, but want to pace yourself, grab a seat or couch, and go for the doughnut marathon, not the sprint.


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